The Importance of Corporate Identity

The Importance of Corporate Identity

It’s inarguable that the era of the faceless, industrial company has long since come to an end. Frankly put, people are no longer putting their trust into businesses they can’t connect to and relate with. This has led to a dramatic rise in the importance of establishing and maintaining a unique and effective corporate identity that sets you apart from everyone else. With these simple pointers, you can turn a blank slate into the beginnings of a solid corporate idea.

Smart Logos

Easy to overlook yet crucially important to the public image of your business, having a well thought out logo can be the difference between becoming a household name and bankruptcy. While simple and minimal logos have become somewhat of a recent fad, a Harvard Business Review study of 597 logos found that more descriptive logos actually have a stronger reception than simpler ones. More complex logos are more likely to stick in the mind of customers, and more likely to improve the performance of your brand.

Social Media and Presentation

A popular way that companies have been utilizing recently in order to boost their image and cultivate a larger following is through social media. Companies like Wendy’s and MoonPie have already revitalized their images for an online audience by writing humorous tweets on Twitter and giving actual responses to people (instead of automated ones). People like feeling heard when interacting with companies, and they like seeing that brands have a sense of humor (or are at least in touch with their consumer-base). The bottom line is that consistent presentation across the internet (social media, websites, advertisements, etc.) in a way that appeals to your target demographic is a surefire way to stand out and gain loyalty from customers.


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