Web Design Trends For 2022

As new web design trends emerge, it’s seeming like the direction the new decade will be taking is one of realism, aesthetic, and immersion; the web design trends of the 2010’s seemed to point towards a futuristic, sci-fi presentation, but trends already seem to be shifting towards the aforementioned realism. This guide will outline four of the hottest current web design trends that are sure to keep your site in-line with the times.

Unique Colors

 Many previous approaches to web design, in regards to color scheme, were pretty boxed in by the popular concept of only having “light” or “dark” themes, but people are finally starting to think outside of that box. A lot of the most modern websites are shifting to more neutral, yet bold, colors: pastel purples, faded blues, seafoam greens, it seems like sites resonate more when they can establish an identity of their own via a unique palette.

Transformations When Scrolling

While they began to see use throughout the 2010’s, it looks like the role and depth of scrolling transformations will only increase in the new decade. For those unaware, scrolling transformations are the animations that play either when scrolling down the page or when transitioning between changes. They can be as simple as a smooth motion blur, or as complex as a full blown animation playing. These transformations add a level of quality and authenticity to your website that keep people interested and coming back. For some real examples on websites with powerful scrolling transformations, check out Qode Magazine’s list of 16 Captivating Websites with Scroll-triggered Animations.

Parallax Scrolling

On a similar note of scrolling animations, an equally effective type of web design animation comes in the form of parallax scrolling. Parallax refers to the visual effect that takes place when an object closer to you moves faster than an object further from you; because we see this type of visual in the real world, it adds an extra sense of realism to your website that will keep people engaged and visually entertained. According to the Journal of Usability Studies, sites that utilize parallax scrolling are described as being more fun and appealing.


The most promising looking design trend of the 2020’s is definitely shaping up to be Neumorphism. The evolution of Skeuomorphism - which was the creation of graphical interfaces using textures from real world objects, heavily popularized in the early iPhone days - Neumorphism is a more simplified and modernistic approach to the same concept. Instead of using realistic textures, Neumorphism uses sleek shading and smoothed shapes to give the illusion of 3D depth to buttons, graphics, and other graphical aspects of websites. This style quickly vent viral upon its creation and its rate of usage has skyrocketed as more and more people have come around to the minimalistic three-dimensional aesthetic it provides.


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